web & graphic design


Website for MOLITHE


Website redesign for MOLITHE, a spanish manufacturer of facade moldings.

Cantería del Somontano

Website for Cantería del Somontano


Website redesign for Cantería del Somontano.

Deloreann Sounds

Portfolio website for Deloreann Sounds


Portfolio for music artist Ana de Lorenza. A showcase of her skills and work.

The Warriors

Recreation of The Warriors Flash website


Project recreating the original The Warriors videogame Flash website using current technologies.

Classic GTA Sites

Recreation of classic Grand Theft Auto Flash websites


Project recreating all six Grand Theft Auto Flash websites from 2001 to 2008 using current technologies.

North State

Showcase for music group North State


Portfolio showcase for North State music, an electronic pop project from Spain.

XIII Fansite

Fansite for the videogame XIII


Fansite dedicated to the 2003 videogame and its 2020 remake.

PEO Argentina

Landing page for Team in Latam's PEO service


Brief page explaining the key features of the PEO service offered by Team in Latam.

Sopranos Family Tree

An in-depth family tree for The Sopranos


A small interactive guide to the central mob characters from The Sopranos.

Willamette Mall Map

Interactive map of Willamette Mall


A visual guide to all shops and establishments in Willamette Parkview Mall, from the 2006 videogame Dead Rising.

Wefeel Events

Graphic designer for Wefeel Events

Adobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopAdobe InDesign

Graphic design services for events such as TriTour, La Pota Roja, BCN Midnight Trail, GF La Falla and more.

Graphic design for Wefeel Events

San Mateo 2018

Poster design for 'Fiestas de San Mateo 2018'

Adobe Illustrator

Contest entry for local event in Monzón, Huesca. Second place.

San Mateo Monzón 2018 - Poster

BANG! Accessories

Player mats and quick guide for BANG!

Adobe IllustratorAdobe InDesign

Custom-made accessories for the card game BANG! following the game's theme.

BANG! Quick guide and player mats

T-shirt Design

Multiple t-shirt designs for contests and clients

Adobe IllustratorAdobe Photoshop

T-shirt contest winner in 2016. Tee for drum band. Top for Decidim Barcelona. Shirt design for school.

T-shirt designs eduazy

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